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We are proud to have provided the original machines to the New York Public Library's 2012-2013 show http://exhibitions.nypl.org/lunchhour/exhibits/show/lunchhour. The exhibit brochure is Here: Special thanks to Steve Stollman for loaning the museum the machines.
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Celebration 100th anniversary of first Automat in NYC, Lunch Hour NYC, NYPL

The Automat was one of the wonders of New York. When Joe Horn and Frank Hardart opened their magnificent flagship on July 2, 1912-a two-story facade of stained glass, marble floors, and ornate carved ceilings, right in the middle of Times Square-the city was instantly captivated. Hungry? Drop a nickel in a slot, open the door to your chosen compartment, and pull your dish right out-a modern miracle! Sandwiches, hot dishes, and desserts were all freshly made, and the coffee was said to be the best in New York. By the 1940s there were Automat restaurants all over the city. Children and tourists adored them, office workers depended on them, retirees gathered in them, and New Yorkers with nothing to spend on lunch stirred free ketchup into hot water and called it soup.

Read more at Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Gottesman Exhibition Hall. June 22, 2012 through February 17, 2013

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The Automats were here back in 1912:

automat, n. | Gr. automatos, self-acting |
1. an apparatus for serving foods mechanically when a coin is dropped in a slot. 2. a restaurant having such apparatus in place

The pictures (above) is showing the original Horn & Hardart Automat in NYC.

A limited number of genuine Automat machines are salvaged and available for sale from the Automat Collection of Steve Stollman.

Said the Technocrat, to the Plutocrat To the Autocrat, and the Democrat --- "Let's all go eat at the Automat!"

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