new automat

The New Automat

In development

The original Horn and Hardart Automats introduced the concept of technology into the food business. They did this while also featuring lavish theatrical settings and unbelievably high quality and delicious food, at amazingly low prices, due to their ability to use “economy of scale” to revolutionize this industry. A few coins and the turn of a knob triggered an explosion of sensations and actions. Meanwhile, the cup of coffee, (the best you could find), that they sold in 1902 for 5 cents, was still available in 1950, for the same nickel.

In honor of that tradition, and to bring the latest in food delivery technology to the public, we will soon be providing these updated Automats to the industry. Like the original, It is a vending machine, which offers instant gratification that will, in most cases, be refreshed constantly by the food preparers behind it. Critically, it may also serve, in many cases, to enable the public to easily sample the fare of an establishment, through specially prepared small dishes, as a way to generate many new customers and a much wider appreciation of its offerings.

Available soon.

old automat
We are proud to have provided the original machines to the New York Public Library’s 2012-2013 show.

new automat front old automat

new automat back new automat

What should an Automat be?

Instant gratification, full respect for your time

Up-to-date, even futuristic, ways of engaging

Freshly prepared, healthy, and delicious food

A welcoming environment that is also beautiful

Reasonable costs for the best quality ingredients

A refuge for a full range of different personalities

A demonstration that there is enough of everything

Proof that public and private interests can merge

Somebody’s hand-made and beloved enterprise

A place made memorable by its very existence

The best cup of coffee, for 5 cents, for 50 years

And the tranquility that accompanies this stability

Well, that last one may be tough, so just forget it.